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Maatwerk : Made to Measure. Concept and craft in architecture from Flanders and the Netherlands

The past thirty years have been crucial for architecture in the Low Countries, north and south of the border between Belgian Flanders and the Netherlands. Although both parts have developed a very different architectural culture with very different histories, they nonetheless connect with each other and function in complementary ways. Despite its differences, the selection of 65 projects presented in this book demonstrates a strong reciprocity between the architectural cultures of Flanders and the Netherlands, which in recent years seem to weave into each other more and more. The exhibition in the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt is curated by Sofie de Caigny from the VAi in Antwerpen and designed and co-curated by Veldwerk Architecten, Antwerpen. Photography by Stijn Bollaert, Karin Borghouts, Michiel De Cleene and Thomas Min amongst others
Author:Sofie De Caigny

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