BWF Medium unter Medien - Architektur und die Produktion moderner Raumverhältnisse

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In the modern world, architecture interacts with and within networks. Long before they began to communicate with digital devices, houses were permeated by technical systems, buildings were conceived as nodes of transportation infrastructures, and ever-larger complexes were overlaid with information systems. In this process, architecture itself was understood as a medium, organizing access, connection, and shielding. 

This volume presents current positions of architectural research grounded in media and cultural history. The focus is on the question of how architecture, as one medium amongst other media, contributes to the emergence of new spatialities that influence knowledge, subjectivity, and social behavior, as well as climate and environment. 

Author Moritz Gleich
Author 2 Christa Kamleithner
Language German
Published 2023
Binding PBK
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