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De Bomen in Artis en Hortus

The trees found in Artis Zoo and Hortus Botanical Gardens are two unique dendrological collections, located within walking distance of one another in the Plantagebuurt in Amsterdam. Trees have been planted here since the area was developed in the seventeenth century, as a result of which both locations now have a historically interesting and richly varied collection. This book acts as the ideal accompaniment while strolling through the Plantagebuurt. The detailed illustrations edited by designer Piet Schreuders make it possible to fathom the dendrology of each and every tree in detail. Every dendrological highlight planted since the original 1989 publication has been included in this completely revised edition, under the auspices of the Netherlands Dendrological Society.
Authors:Hans van der Stelt, Sjors van der Stelt

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