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Hollandse Hemels / Heavens in Holland. Koepels in Nederland / Dutch Domes

The Netherlands known for its domes, a fact easily explained by the country’s Calvinist history. The Protestant church thinks differently to the Catholic, Islamic and Christian Orthodox faiths about the application of domes in its church designs, and, as such, the religious dome is seldom seen in the Netherlands. However, if you look around in cities and villages, you will regularly see a semicircle emerging, predominantly from churches in the Catholic regions south of the major Dutch rivers. In addition to an expression of religiosity, the dome can express or summon feelings of power or unity. This typological photo book by photographer Luuk Kramer, with an essay by Bernard Hulsman, provides an overview of all domes in the Netherlands, whether they are used in palaces, churches, prisons or modern architecture.
Authors:Bernard Hulsman, Luuk Kramer
Language:English Dutch

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