La Maddalena - Atlas of an Occupation / Atalante di un' occupazione

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In early autumn 2018, a series of investigations and exploratory experiments took place on the shores of the La Maddalena archipelago, northern Sardinia. The story of these workshops, intended to inspire new images and ideas of the territory, unfolds here. Somewhere between a guide and an atlas, it presents a journey through the different aspects of La Maddalena, from the most visible to the most intangible, from external forces to cross-pollination. More than 100 designers, architects, sociologists, artists, photographers, historians, and biologists were involved in the exploration, participating in round table discussions and moments of collective and individual creation.

Author Elena Sofia Congiu
Author 2 Samanta Sinistri
Language English / Italian
Published 2022
Binding PBK
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