TC Cuadernos 128-129 Frits van Dongen 25 Years 25 Works

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More than half of the projects in this book are housing projects, including The Whale (217 residences), Funen (565 residences), Landtong (625 residences) or Gangnam Housing District (1,400 residences). In van Dongen's designs, repetition plays an important role, along with diversity as a primary condition for generating quality and creating unique and diverse environments. This results in an authentic alphabet of housing typologies where each one is essentially different but shares similarities. As for cultural buildings, the range of proposals ranges from theaters, a cinema, a concert hall, a music hall, an event hall and a conservatory.The new context of culture, digital communication and entertainment consumption leads to the origins of the public building as a place of social encounter. Projects include De Harmonie, a theatre building in Leeuwarden, Pathé cinema in Amsterdam, Heineken Musics Hall, a concert hall in Amsterdam, Kunstkluster, an art cluster in Nieuwegein and de Philharmonie, a concert hall in Haarlem (all in the Netherlands).
Language English
Published 2017
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