Bauhaus x Ikea - Legacies of Modernism

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The Bauhaus and IKEA are two of the most prominent 20th-century design icons. This book examines the far-reaching influence of the short-lived but pioneering art school, a crucible for much of what came to be known as modernist design, and the massive furniture company, launched just ten years after the Bauhaus closed. The mass manufacturing techniques the Bauhaus imagined would transform daily life for the better became the theoretical and functional foundation for IKEA. Through a selection of essays and images, ‘Bauhaus X IKEA’ traces the profound but not always benign influence of these global design icons across history, politics, pedagogy, art, and society.

Author Thea Brejzek
Author 2 Lawrence Wallen
Language English
Published 2022
Binding PBK
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