Dogma - Living and Working

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Dogma is a Brussels-based architectural studio that focuses on urban design and large-scale projects. It was cofounded and is led by Pier Vittorio Aureli and Martino Tattara, both of whom also teach and publish.

The projects aim to move the house beyond the dichotomous logic of male/female, husband/wife, breadwinner/housewife, and private/public. They include the reinvention of single-room occupancy as a new model for affordable housing; the reimagining of the simple tower-and-plinth prototype as host to a multiplicity of work activities and enlivening street life; and a plan for a modular, adaptable structure meant to house a temporary dweller. All of these design projects conceive of the house not as a commodity, the form of which is determined by its exchange value, but as an infrastructure defined by its use value.

Language English
Published 2022
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