Architese Reader - Critical Positions In Search Of Postmodernity, 1971–1976

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This publication offers a selection of contributions that originally appeared in the journal ‘archithese’, accompanied by critical essays by contemporary authors. Themes range from historicism, realism, urbanism, and user-oriented approaches, to interest in informal and spontaneous building. Arranged in five chapters, the articles illustrate an examination of the evolving postmodernism and, due to their multifaceted nature, point far beyond a pure concept of style. The contributors include Irina Davidovici, Samia Henni, Torsten Lange, and others, representing positions that are exemplary of the pluralist approach and thematic openness characteristic of the journal in its founding phase.

Author G. Schaad (Editor)
Author 2 T. Lange
Language English
Published 2024
Binding PBK
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