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Dit boek bevat gedetailleerd kaartmateriaal, ingetekend aan de hand van GPS-coördinaten, van de hele Romeinse grensweg door Nederland. De weg ligt vrijwel geheel verborgen in de ondergrond van huidige woonwijken en rivieren. De kaarten zijn nauwkeurig bewerkt en uitklapbaar. Het boek is vormgegeven door Irma Boom. For a project called ‘The Limes’, DS Landscape Architects from Amsterdam walked along the entire ancient Roman border road, the Limes Road, carrying a GPS. The aim was to ‘re-awaken’ interest among local inhabitants, users of the landscape and administrators. This walking project generated a great deal of knowledge about the landscape and its inhabitants and users, and it also created a vision regarding the question of how we should approach this cultural-historical relic in the future. The Limes Road is topical, functioning as a so-called ‘second window’ in the canon of Dutch history. Moreover, the Limes Road is an important cultural-historical relic with a European scope. The road stretches from England (Hadrian’s Wall) via the Netherlands to the east and ends up at the Black Sea. The British and Germans have elevated the Limes Road to the status of Unesco monument, and what are we doing? Making the Limes Road a World Heritage Site is problematic in the Netherlands because the relic has invisibly sunk into the landscape. Will it thus remain a gap in the road’s route through Europe, or should we make the invisible Limes Road visible in a different way? This book aims to re-awaken a broad audience to the story of the Limes Road. For the first time ever, the entire Dutch part of the Limes Road as it exists today is depicted by means of detailed maps, facts and interesting information.
Authors:Maike van Stiphout, Marieke Berkers

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