AMAG 33 Miller & Maranta + AMAG PT 04 Atelier Local/ Ilhéu Atelier (special offer pack)

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Receive a free copy of the fourth issue of ‘AMag PT’, a new series exclusively dedicated to Portuguese architecture, together with the purchase of ‘AMag’ 33 on JMiller & Maranta. This fourth portuguese special features Atelier Local / Ilhéu Atelier. ‘AMag’ 33 is dedicated to the work of Miller & Maranta, a Swiss studio based in Basel. Architects Quintus Miller and Paola Maranta met in the 1980s while studying at ETH Zurich. The teaching of analogue architecture, with which Fabio Reinhard and Miroslav Sik challenged the traditionally polytechnic orientation of this school and its deep anchoring in modern architecture, was formative for both of them. In close dialogue with models, mostly from the early or pre-modern period, the duo set out creating pictorial, atmospheric, and often almost theatrical projects. Today, Miller & Maranta’s architecture still retains this narrative element – their buildings tell stories.

Language English / Portugese
Published 2023
Binding PBK
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