Very Charming Animals: Cats

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Cat lovers, rejoice... or beware. This photographic series by the multifaceted Swiss artist Augustin Rebetez is a tribute, full of humour and witchcraft, honouring felines of all shapes and breeds. Skimmed from the internet, nonchalantly retouched using Photoshop, these images show silly, fantastical, even demonic creatures. Yet through this series Rebetez ultimately paints a mischievous portrait of our society, maliciously depicted in a truly bizarre collection of cats. In his vibrant exploration of a total art which in turn defies categorisation, Rebetez collaborates with numerous artists, punks, models, musicians, and friends in producing his surprising body of work.

Author Augustin Rebetez
Language English
Published 2023
Binding HBK
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