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New Loft Residence Design : A Complete Guidebook for Loft Residence Design

Written to inspire, this book contains detailed studies on a vast array of loft conversions, showing the breadth of design experimentation in this field Contains the latest in stylish loft conversion projects, from a selection of interior designers A quality guidebook not only for designers who outfit loft-style residences for clients, but also for creative types who are looking to redevelop their own home The trend for loft residences began among a few select groups, namely artists, artisans and designers. A discarded factory or warehouse is converted into a tall and spacious living area, often highly personalised in design. Over the years, loft residences have developed their own unique style. This book is divided into two parts: 'Hard Loft' - converted factories or warehouses - and 'Soft Loft' - new residence space designed in the loft style. In addition, several popular contemporary design styles are featured, such as industrial, Scandinavian, modern and minimalist. Combining different styles within a loft setting means that there are infinite possibilities to explore.
Author:Wang Chen

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