AlpsUpsidedown: Mountain Panoramas Symmetrically Doubled

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Never without his Hasselblad, Simon Walther has made countless excursions into the Swiss Alps, seeking and finding reflections. Very often mountain lakes function as the reflective surface, but also sheets of ice, pools of snow melt, sunglasses or even the lid of a saucepan in a mountain restaurant. The photographer uses the phenomenon of reflection as a visual means of dramatization, but also of reflecting and realizing an imaginary, immaterial world that is nevertheless tangible and can be captured by the camera. This book of images, a pleasure for the senses yet straying into the terrain of philosophy, surveys an array of exceptional Alpine panoramas. The large-format symmetrical images are categorized by broad themes such as twilight, autumn colors or thawing. In the appendix the reader will find information about the precise location and all technical details of each shot.
Language English
Published 2017
Binding HBK
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