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Günther Förg - Fotografie/Photography (Cat. Kunsthalle Bremen)

Post-war German minimalist painter Günther Förg is known for his diverse style and working in various media, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and also photography. This volume was published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Bremen and features text in German and English by Max Wechsler. From the publisher: "Since 1982 Gunther Forg has devoted himself to large format photography alongside the paintings he is best known for. The Kunsthalle Bremen recently compiled Forg's extensive photographic oeuvre for exhibition and the publication of this impressive catalog. In total, this presentation creates an eloquent picture of an important aspect of the artist's career. Sequenced by Forg himself, the catalogue reads as an artist's book, and an enticing engagement with photographic representation. The photographs capture a range of modern and classic European architecture from across the continent. The buildings Forg seeks are not without purpose, they are symbols of political engagement and remnants of a past lost. Forg captures the monumentality of these buildings, communicating this architecture as it seeps with a feeling of failed modernist utopia.".
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