Snelweg - Highways in The Netherlands (Dutch English language)

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In our ever more mobile society the highway is not only a connection between two places, it is a place in its own right, with its own furnishings, codes and manners. It is not only a complex technical apparatus, but also a biotope. We work there, we eat there, we shop there, we communicate there - even if only by means of our middle finger -, and sometimes we die there. The highway generates new activities and meeting places, such as roadside restaurants, gas stations, shopping malls and office parks. In a small, densely populated and partly marshy country such as the Netherlands the highway has a significant impact on the design of the landscape, on the economy, on the way we interact with each other. In the coming years large expansions of the infrastructure are planned. The highway is often viewed as a non-place or as a forgotten landscape, but it deserves serious attention as a design issue.
Author Carry Markerink
Author 2 Theo Baart
Language English Dutch
Published 1996
Binding PBK
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