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The Handbook of New Zealand Mammals (second edition)

The second edition of The Handbook of New Zealand Mammals brings together for convenient reference authoritative, fully documented descriptions of all the land-breeding mammals that are or have been resident in New Zealand (including the Ross Dependency, Antarctica). The naturally dynamic and varied environment has become home to an unusual mixture of species brought from both temperate and tropical climates from around the world. This invaluable field guide examines the diverse and fascinating ways these species have established themselves and adapted to co-existing in the foreign environment. It also details the changes affecting native flora and fauna and agriculture, and explores the impact of these shifts. All species are set out in a standardized form for easy reference, and include accounts of measurements, distribution (worldwide and in New Zealand), habitat, social organization and behavior, reproduction and development, predators, parasites, diseases, their significance to the New Zealand environment. The ecology, behavior, interactions, and population dynamics of mammals in New Zealand, both native and introduced, are of interest to mammal biologists everywhere. This book also aims to stimulate further interest and promote new research into the country's fascinating ecology.
Authors:Carolyn M. King, Priscilla Barrett

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