City Light / Stadt Licht

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The ongoing paradigm change in regard to the use of energy, its efficient usage and the consumption of resources is giving rise to new light systems and lighting appliances. The goal of this book is to develop temporary light spaces that re-interpret the existing urban environment on a seasonal basis or over a cycle of several years. In addition to the presentation of light-planning examples in Paris, Shanghai, Helsinki, Mekka and Frankfurt am Main the book includes a number of essays, among them . »Light architecture« (Werner Oechslin), »In search of light« (Wolfgang Rang), »Light planning for cities in China« (Hao Luoxi), »City light. An instrument of urban planning« (Roger Narboni), »Borders, places, light« (Niels Gutschow), »Earth and spirit« (Wolfgang Rang).
Author Wolfgang Rang
Language English
Published 2017
Binding HBK
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