Green Gulfs and Panga Panga Parquet - Milano San Felice

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Milano San Felice is a residential district on the eastern outskirts of Milan, founded in the late 1960s based on the idea of engineer Giorgio Pedroni and designed by architects Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Vico Magistretti. In 1970, the first inhabitants arrived, fleeing urban Milan for “the all-green city, an oasis of peace only a quarter of an hour’s drive from the city centre.” The new neighbourhood offered a life far from traffic and noise, with ample open-air spaces, all services close at hand – from schools to shops. The flats were already furnished in great taste and style. More than half a century after its conception, the book examines the relationship between the early settlers and the urban planning, architecture and interior design of Milano San Felice, calling on both those who took part in the development phase and on its initial resident community – one which, with great care and pride, houses an incredible universe of private archives and personal and collective memories. With a narrative contribution by writer Ivan Carozzi and a text by architectural historian Filippo De Pieri.

Author Elisa Di Nofa
Author 2 Francesco Paleari
Language English
Published 2024
Binding PBK
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