Weiterbauen in der Pfalz / Rebuiding in the Palatinate

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Apart from being known for wine and classical music, the Palatinate is increasingly characterised by an appreciation of its everyday architecture. While including historical monuments, this often extends to neglected, forgotten buildings that would formerly have either been demolished or “renovated” beyond recognition. Now the building fabric is preserved and appreciated for the sake of sustainability and regional identity. Rather than being located in faceless outskirts, these buildings often have the prime advantage of a central location in a gradually developed urban landscape. Following modernisation without any false attributes to achieve cosiness, they are often used as cultural venues or holiday apartments in their second life, allowing everyone to benefit from them.


  • New conception of built heritage
  • Sustainability and saving resources
  • Everyday architecture, identity and tourism
  • Maintenance of building stock and handling built heritage
  • Reviving places
Author Wolfgang Bachmann
Language English German
Published 2022
Binding Hardcover
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