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Nurseries and kindergartens, day care centers and crèches are more than just places for pre-school care: they are specially designed buildings and rooms with architecture and interior design suitable for children.
Even the structural structure of these rooms, their arrangement and design, has a decisive influence on their later use. Operators and architects have to coordinate with each other at an early stage on issues such as these. But the design that goes hand in hand with the educational concept should also be a selection criterion for parents. Every kindergarten, every day care centre is different, must be different depending on the urban, social and cultural environment and emphasize different aspects according tothe approaches and objectives of the operator.
Good kindergartens therefore offer space. Space not only in the sense of sufficient space, but space in the sense of diverse possibilities and experiences. This book shows 67 exemplary designed buildings and interiors with character, in which characters can develop.
Author Chris van Uffelen
Language German
Published 2021
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