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Principles of Planology / Grondslagen der planologie

Between the World Wars the talent of Dutch town planner J.M. de Casseres (1902-1990) found expression in two visionary books and a clutch of influential articles. In an in-depth article published in February 1929 in the magazine De Gids under the title 'Grondslagen der planologie' (Principles of Planology) he invented a term for the new social-scientific discipline that would eventually enter the Dutch language. De Casseres made it his life's work to elevate the art and craft of town planning to academic status, classifying the international planning body of knowledge and making it accessible and applicable. The results of this internationally supported body of knowledge are reflected not only in de Casseres's publications but also in a string of urban design proposals for towns across the Netherlands.
Authors:J.M. de Casseres, J.E. Bosma
Language:English Dutch

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