Wiederkehr der Landschaft / Return of Landscape (German English language)

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Until recently, the construction of the cityscape tended to entail the subjugation of nature and landscape; the consequences of this approach have been climate change, water shortages and the loss of biodiversity. The twenty-first-century city must abide by a new model that deploys creative, sustainable solutions and a more holistic approach to urban development. On the occasion of an interdisciplinary exhibition at the Akademie der Kunste in Berlin, Return of Landscape probes the future of the city, not only as a living space but also as the creative center of tomorrow's society. Through spectacular aerial photographs by Alex S. MacLean, it compares the two extreme examples of Las Vegas and Venice--two very different cities currently struggling with similar ecological problems. In addition to these case studies, the book includes articles by leading experts in architecture and urban development.
Author Donata Valentien (editor)
Author 2 Alex S. MacLean
Language Engels/Duits
Published 2010
Binding HBK
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